Does your upholstery need a refresher?

Does your upholstery need a refresher?

Don't wait until its too late, Mountain Standard Carpet Cleaning has a solution

Is your upholstery starting to look a little tired? Turn to Mountain Standard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to refresh and revitalize even the most delicate of pieces. Whether you are looking to remove dust and dander, erase a set-in stain, or just want to restore color and texture, we are here to help. We are confident that our dedicated team of cleaners can get your upholstery looking as fresh and clean as the day you first bought it.

Hiring an experienced and trustworthy company to regularly clean your upholstery is recommended for not only the health and longevity of your upholstery but also the health and longevity of your family. Over time mold, dust, mildew and other allergens can build up and contribute to poor air quality. Both routine maintenance and regularly scheduled deep cleanings can help alleviate this build-up and restore fresh air to your home.

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