Don’t Let Harmful Chemicals Seep Into Your Carpet

Don’t Let Harmful Chemicals Seep Into Your Carpet

Ask about our carpet cleaning solution in Loveland and Fort Collins, CO

You deserve to enjoy a clean, stain-free carpet—but you also deserve to enjoy a safe carpet. Instead of using highly concentrated commercial cleaners that might harm your kids and pets, Mountain Standard Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses a carpet cleaning solution.

Our cleaning products are made in Colorado and purchased from a local supplier in Loveland, CO. Every cleaning we do benefits the Loveland and Fort Collins, CO communities.

Call 970-581-1266 today ask about our carpet cleaning solution. We’ll clean your carpet in no time.

3 benefits of our carpet cleaning solution

Our carpet cleaning solution is just as tough on stains as commercial chemicals. Unlike them, however, our solution is also:

  • Safe for pets
  • Safe for kids
  • Gentle on your carpet’s fibers

We use a Steamway Legacy 2100 carpet cleaning steamer that’s built to handle your largest, toughest jobs. To learn more about our carpet cleaning solution, call 970-581-1266 today. We offer free stain evaluations and cleaning estimates in the Fort Collins and Loveland, CO areas.